Emily Edwards

Canadian author who hails from Antigonish in Nova Scotia. Has just published her debut novel which is an unusual pony story about a girl who turns into a horse! Emily has good credentials for being a pony book author as she has ridden and worked with horses for over 20 years, as well as being an eager devotee of all the traditional pony stories in her youth. Ms. Edwards has a PHD from Trinity College, Dublin, and described writing a book as 'a walk in the park' after the gruelling task of completing a PHD!

Her pony novel,
The Trouble with Being a Horse, was self-published by her own company Single Stride Publishing. You can find out more information about the book, read a sample and order copies from the Single Stride website.

Sources: www.singlestride.com, www.thecasket.ca

Horse & Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Olivia is outraged when her parents forbid her to ride and she wishes she could run away and be with horses forever. But after falling off her favourite horse, Olivia is shocked to find out she has mysteriously changed into a horse! As a girl in a horse's body, Olivia must put her knowledge of horses to the test as she navigates this new and bizarre world. Struggling to communicate with both humans and horses, Olivia does her best to fit in. But when she can't resist showing off how much she knows, her secret is in danger of being found out!

Collector's Info:
In print. Can be ordered direct from the publisher's website. May also be available in some  book shops in Canada.